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Business Is Tough Enough Without Struggling to Get The Financing You Need...

If you need money to start or expand your business and the banks are turning you down, what are your options?

  • You can turn to friends and family (If they haven't already "donated" everything they have to your good cause)

  • You can tough it out, hoping you catch a break before your chance to land a big customer or start your business vanishes.

  • Or, you can do what hundreds of successful business owners have done over the last 11 years...

Make a simple phone call to Spectrum Commercial Funding.

We've helped entrepreneurs acquire over $337 Million Dollars worth of business financing... AFTER the banks turned them down.

"I don't even call my banker anymore..."

Eric has helped us get several pieces of necessary equipment for our company, and we definitely feel at home doing business with Spectrum Commercial Funding. In fact we've gotten so used to Eric's "Yes" process, I don't even call my banker anymore!

Travis Parks
Mastercraft Contractors, LLC
Boise, ID

"Eric got us the financing we needed when everyone else turned us down."

We required two work vans for our electrical contracting business. The bank was not able to help us because of the age of the vehicles and because our company was relatively new.

Our Banker at Washington Mutual referred us to Eric Ondrick and Spectrum Commercial Funding. Eric helped us work through all of our challenges with his diligent efforts and we were able to get our work vans as promised.

We definitely recommend Eric's services to anyone needing financing, and we plan on using Spectrum Commercial Funding for all our capital needs.

Tollie Rogers
Vice President
TGR Electric
Garden City, ID

When the banks say "No" - we say "YES!"

When we work together, your chances of getting the critical financing you need are dramatically increased.

Why? because unlike a bank we're not restricted to a single source of money.Why? because unlike a bank we're not restricted to a single source of money.

It doesn't matter if you need $2,000 to buy a phone system or $2 million to finance your expansion, we've got the resources and experience to help you make it happen.

Close relationships with dozens of financing sources allow us to handle every business financing need, from leasing equipment, (vehicles, computers, even software), to asset based lines of credit, start up capital, and commercial real estate financing.

Even better, it doesn't matter if you're a startup, have recently gone through bankruptcy or if you've got Triple-A credit... we can help.

We pull off "un-financeable" deals every day of the week.

These are deals the banks wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole - yet when they happen, these deals change the lives and futures of the business owners I work with.

"We were turned down by 5 banks..."

5 months and 5 banks later, we still didn't have the financing we needed for our equipment (The Banks said we were growing too fast!). Finally, someone at our bank suggested we call Eric. In just a few weeks he had helped us acquire $500,000 worth of new equipment and our manufacturing business has doubled as a result.

If you need financing for your business, Eric is the first person you should call.

Kris McBride
Owner, Peak Granite
Emmett, ID

It's not as expensive as you think.

Some people are concerned that because we're not a bank, it's going to be more expensive to work with us.

The fact is, if you've got Triple-A credit, we've got financing that the banks can't touch. And if your credit is a little tougher, we'll work together to find you the best deal available anywhere.

Working with us you get:

  • The highest possible chance of hearing YES. We've built relationships with dozens of financing sources. Time and again these connections have helped our clients get financed when everyone else said no.

  • A company with experience helping entrepreneurs succeed. With almost a thousand financial transactions under our belt - including buying and selling businesses, financing commercial real estate, and hundreds of equipment leasing deals - we've seen it all. This means we can negotiate on your behalf from a position of strength and experience - getting the best terms for your financing.

  • Personalized attention. Unlike a bank, we only work with a few clients at a time. We dedicate the time and resources to make sure all your details are handled right, and that we're available to work with you throughout the process.

  • Less downtime. You'll spend less time filling out paperwork and running from bank to bank. We've simplified the paperwork process: you only have to fill it out once - then we get to work finding you the best rate.

  • Fast answers. You'll know within 48 hours (often sooner) if your financing has been approved. We've had clients wait MONTHS to hear back from the banks. That's stressful, unnecessary and unproductive for your business.

"Eric was instrumental in helping me start my clinic."

As a new business, banks were hesitant to provide us funding. However, because of Eric's relationships with various financing institutions, he was able to arrange funding for us. Eric arranged for a line of credit, and got us financing for an X-ray machine and other medical supplies for the clinic.

I cannot say enough about the services Spectrum Commercial Funding provided. I would not be where I am now in the development of my medical clinic if it weren't for their help.

Rusty Dodge, FNP
Star Medical
Star, ID

Take yourself off the bank financing treadmill and get the cash you need to take your business to the next level.

For more information on how we can help you reach your business financing goals, call toll free: 877-732-6771.


Eric Ondrick
A Divison of Performance Marketing Management, Inc

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